EFA-SFT High-Speed Folding Door

Rapid Insulation Door

EFA-SFT® at a glance

Fast, robust, economical
Low space requirement
Excellent price-performance ratio
Also in pneumatics design
Opening up to 2.5 m/s
Closing up to 1.0 m/s
Up to 200,000 loadings p.a.
Standard sizes up to w=8,000mm x h=6,000mm


Fast and robust

Due to the horizontal folding movement of the high-speed folding doors, the full clearance height is immediately completely free. Doors of the F series open with high speeds and are extremely heavy-duty. They protect against noise and draft air, save energy and convince with good heat and sound insulating properties.

Individual design

High-speed folding doors by EFAFLEX which are mainly used for closing whole buildings are one aspect of modern industrial architecture. Thanks to the large number of design possibilities, your high-speed folding door can be adjusted to every facade.

The folding door for inside and outside use

The EFA-SFT® perfectly combines functionality and esthetics. Due to its patented modular design, it only requires few repair and maintenance. Especially large doors are equipped with special door stoppers in order to additionally stabilise the middle area of the closed wing.

From outside, everything is facade

As far as the equipment options of the EFA-SFT® are concerned, it is the most diverse high-speed door by EFAFLEX. There are numerous possibilities for adjusting the EFA-SFT® optimally to every kind of facade - variable options are wing partition, the layout of the bars and the panels. The surface of the door leaf can be anodised in the colours of the Eloxal table or be powder-coated in all RAL-colours, just as you like it.

Internal qualities matter as well

The EFA-SFT® consists of aluminium and steel, a combination which guarantees highest quality standard. The supporting parts of the EFA-SFT® are as a standard made of galvanised steel sheet. The door leaf consists of anodised, corrosion-free aluminium and is equipped with single-walled acrylic glass which allows much daylight to enter the building. As option, double-walled thermopane glazing guarantee an excellent heat insulation of the high-speed folding doors.

No more waiting: the EFA-SFT® speeds up

Even an EFA-SFT® with a width and height of several metres can achieve speeds of up to 2.5 m/s. Inside, this advantage ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. Outside, the enormous speed helps in saving energy during opening and closing.

Power and reliability

Doors of the F series are as a standard equipped with a robust pneumatic drive. This powerful drive has proved many thousand times and was developed until it was perfect. The drive easily performs one million loadings and more. If you cannot provide compressed air supply, we can also supply your high-speed folding door with an electric motor.

Closed at the touch of a button - also from a distance

The EFA-SFT® can be equipped with a comfortable remote locking. It is operated from the control cabinet or by means of an external key switch. If necessary, the door can be unlocked from inside by means of a lever and be opened manually.

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